How to shop on Amazon with Echo

Amazon’s Echo is a voice-controlled home audio speaker system with Blue tooth and wi0fi connectivity. The cylindrically shaped home audio speaker is a personal voice assistant similar to the Siri and Google Now which is available on your smart devices. The Amazon Echo responds to the wake word (either Alexa or Amazon) and fulfills any …

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The Internet of Things and how you’re already doing it.

In today’s era of technological advancements, the level of compatibility keeps on getting better and better. The internet-enable devices and appliances we use at home, will significantly change the way people live in the future. The Amazon Echo is the latest popular gadget experiment on the internet, with a personal voice assistant and Bluetooth speaker feature that will …

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Amazon Echo Explained

Manufactured by Amazon and released on November 6, 2014, Amazon Echo is a pretty neat voice command device. It’s a 23.5cm tall cylindrical in shape speaker which comes with woofer, tweeter, remote control and a microphone. The AI in this gadget is known as Alexa. Alexa continuously listens to everything which is said in the …

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Should you get Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo launched in a campaign that went pretty much unnoticed by the public at large. While most people were wondering if the newest Kindles or the Fire Phone would finally revolutionize the tech industry, the little smart home device flew under the radar. Then, almost all of the sudden, the Echo has come into …

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