Setting up Pandora on Amazon Echo

While Amazon has been working with a number of products featuring speakers, it rose to fame with its Echo SmartSpeaker and it has been adding more and more products with advanced features on almost a weekly basis for quite some time. More recently Amazon added more features and one of them, the most outstanding of all, is its integration with Pandora. If you have an Amazon Echo SmartSpeaker, you can enjoy a number of advanced features it comes with, including Pandora integration of Echo SmartSpeaker with your Pandora account. Whether you already have it or you are planning one soon, this article will guide you to perfectly set up your Amazon Echo with your Pandora account and enjoy music as you have never done it before.

Follow these instructions, it is easier than you ever imagined;

Get App

First things first, you need to have Amazon Echo’s application downloaded in your smart phone. It is supported by Android iOS, you can access it on Amazon Fire devices.

Getting Started

Once you have successfully downloaded the application, click on the hamburger menu on the upper left corner of your screen and tap Pandora from the options from the drop down menu. Click on the option ‘Link your account now’; it will lead you through to a series of steps and you will create your own Pandora account.  If you already have a Pandora account you do not need to follow these steps; simply click on ‘I have a Pandora account’ option and use your email address and password to log in to your already existing account.

After following these instructions you will find that your Pandora account has now been linked with your Echo application on your smart phone and the list of your stations will appear on your screen. You are now free to choose whatever music you want to play from your playlist.


What options can you control from your smart phone application?

After successfully linking your Pandora account with your Amazon Echo SmartSpeaker, you can control a number of features from your smart phone application. These features include; volume control, playback your favorite songs, check album art option, create new stations and  switch from one station to the next with just one tap of your finger.

There is another option which is called ‘Alexa Play Pandora’; this option will make you play the last played station you were listening to as soon as you click it. This way you need to choose the same option from your list of stations. This is new feature and has been taken the audience by a storm; since it is still new users are in the process of discovering more features, tips and tricks.

Echo’s Web Interface

In addition to your smart phone application, you can access Amazon Echo from your computer as wee if your SmartSpeaker is within your hearing range. This feature can be accessed by using Echo web Interface.

What users have to say about Pandora’s App

This application has been highly appreciated by the users owing to its amazing features, sound quality and because it is a compatible app which increases the functionality of SmartSpeaker.

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