The Internet of Things and how you’re already doing it.

In today’s era of technological advancements, the level of compatibility keeps on getting better and better. The internet-enable devices and appliances we use at home, will significantly change the way people live in the future.

The Amazon Echo is the latest popular gadget experiment on the internet, with a personal voice assistant and Bluetooth speaker feature that will blow your mind. You can easily control the device with you own voice and tell it do things like ready today’s news, play music, make to do lists and much more. IN other words, this device is like a companion and the realization of HAL 9000, only without the pulsating red eye camera and not as much intelligent. The Amazon speaker is a very attractively designed ‘must have device these day. The device’s Wi-Fi set up its very straightforward and you can also control different devices compatible with the Echo via Bluetooth or internet connection. The Amazon continues to make it better and add more useful features since the product has been launched. Well who would not want Alexa, the echo device, to rescue them from the world of boredom and at the same time keep them updated with everything?

But the compatibly doesn’t end here, next on the list of compatibility devices is Philips Hue Light Bulbs. These creative light bulbs are introduced with the light changing feature. No longer the need for amorphous lamp blobs, the hue bulbs can easily fit into your old light fittings and do more than what a regular light bulb ca for you. These bulbs come with the additional feature of home automation. With the help of a compatible app, you can now connect these bulbs with your tablet or phone, and literally control every bulb in your home just by sitting at one place and bathing yourself in an unlimited range of custom lightings in different colours.  Philips Hue light bulbs have given a new age to the home automation system. The starter pack costs about $199.95, which individual bulbs can be bought at the cost of $59.95 from Amazon or Apple store. The set up is pretty easy, as long as you have the latest type of light fittings. All you have to is just plug in and then screw the bulb into which light fittings or bulbs you want to use.  So what are you waiting for? Get your Philips Hue tarter pack now and customize the lightings in your house however you want and whatever colour you want them in.

Home automation controlled with smart phones is the new trend. As such, we see many tips on the internet to how to conqueror a connected home. Next on the list is the Belkin WeMo switch that allows you to control all your electronics appliances from your phone or tablet. All you have to do is just connect your WeMo and Smartphone to the same Wi-Fi and then welcome and all new innovation system of home automation. Once everything is set up, you now have the ability to switch whatever light or electronic device on and off without leaving the comfort of your sofa or bed. The WeMo switch is slowly replacing the old single wall mounted manual on/off switches and allows you to control your electronics with the internet connection from anywhere. So as long as your tablet or phone is connected to the internet, you easily modify and monitor light settings of your home with only minimal effort required. If your internet connection may be disabled for some reason, you can still easily turn on lights off or on in the old fashioned way.

Bonus Tip: Activating the motion senor of the WeMo switch will give you a better automated setup.

The Amazon world is just full of surprises ad lots of compatible devices for all its members’ .Amazon made quite a big splash in the technology world when it announced that it would use drones of the insanely fast delivery service. Well we might be many years from this Prime Air method to turn into a reality; there are still a number of cool features today available for all the members of Amazon Prime.  If you have an Amazon fanatic in your life and you want to make them really happy? You can give them a year of membership without worrying if the recipient already has an account or not and when that person would get the notification, he or she will also have the option of changing the membership for a gift card at the same amount.

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