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Well Hello to the future. You may not get a flying car now, but you can buy your own one of the famous compatible devices Amazon Echo, your companion on the go, the size about a small cylinder box that you can place anywhere near yourself and forget about ever getting bored. The new Amazon Echo is worth buying because they are too much fun and too addictive to not own. It would only take you a few minutes to get cosy and compatible with your new assistant ‘Alexa’, and soon you will find yourself spending time with her, asking her random questions and slowly getting addicted to it.

Just take a look at all the options already

When Amazon launched the Echo device, many did not want to know how to use it. The cylindrical small tower is a kind of an audio system that is always connected to the internet. It can easily stream your favourite music from Amazon Prime Music library and also play some local music. With the additional Bluetooth feature, Echo device can also play your personal playlist from local devices or Smartphone. The Echo device may seem a decent audio system, but at its base level, it is so much more than what you might think.

The Amazon Echo is technically a voice controlled Bluetooth speaker with smart features from the future. For about $100 to $200, Alexa has given Siri a head-to-head competition. After connecting it with Wi-Fi, it can even answer questions that can keep you updated with the latest news or help you with your homework or provide you with a recipe to cook something for your family or friends. This voice controlled speaker is used to listen to Amazon Prime, tunes, TuneIn and iHeartRadio. However, if you do wish to Spotify or Pandora or your own personal music collection, you can connect it over Bluetooth and then sit back and enjoy.

Well, voice assistants may not be new, but it is fair to see Amazon Echo is a first tsp taken towards building one’s own personal mobile assistant. Sure it is a stationary device, but let’s not forget the fact that Amazon is in the mobile device business. And well having a compatible gadget that listens to your commands inside your home will be the ultimate key to conquer a connected home. Voice is a natural interface compared to anything else.

But the good news does not end here! This Amazon Echo has just become a lot more interesting and useful.  You can now pair you Philips Hue light bulbs with your Echo audio device.  But wait what’s the best part about it? Well each bridge of Philips Hue blub comes with up to fifty light bulbs; so theoretically, you can easily control all the lights in your home just by directly asking Alexa. The hue system with Amazon Echo is insanely cool and if in the hands of a skilled interior designer, it could used to turn every single room into light flooded canvas.

Maybe it’s your lucky day, because the list of Amazon Echo skills keeps on getting longer and longer. The Belkin WeMo switches are now compatible with the Amazon Echo device.  You won’t anymore have to get up from your bed late at night to turn on or off your electronics such as lamps or specie heathers or lights from anywhere. All you will have to do is just tell Amazon Alexa, your echo device, what to do and she will take care of everything from you so you can sleep soundly without the worry of saving energy at night or any time of the day. While it may be a little pricy, the Belkin WeMo system now compatible with Echo is probably the easiest home automation feature to configure, taking about only a few minutes to set up and then easily control fans, lights, appliances and much more from your Echo device from anywhere there is data service or Wi-Fi available.

The Amazon Echo did not integrate with many of the Amazon services during its launch but that is gradually changing. Amazon has now launched the Echo software kit for third-party compatible apps. You can even connect Amazon Alexa to 116 other apps inducing evernote, Gmail, Reminders on your phone and many of Belkin WeMo products and ToDoist on your Smartphone. Amazon is looking forward to add more useful integration and features of it owns to the Amazon Echo device over time. However, you now do not need to wait for compatible apps to tap into the device. Instead with the help of IFTTT, you can now easily recreate your own used for Alexa with some simple tips and tricks.

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