Using iHeartRadio with Amazon Echo

With iHeartRadio you can choose your favorite music from a wide range of genres that match your taste and mood of the moment through any of your connected devices. iHeartRadio makes you to easily access music from more than 1,500 live radio stations through which you can browse according to your unique taste. With iHeartRadio you can choose your favorite type or music or even location then search through its various live radio stations; with it you will never be limited to music that is popular in your area. We include our listeners’ opinion in our running format as well, just give our DJs a call and give your opinion about an artist or genre, so we get to know what our listeners like best.
NOTE: Click here for Amazon’s own guides to using Echo.

Create your very own radio station

Since all of us have are preferences and sometimes listening to familiar music tends to be rather soothing; with iHeartRadio you are free to create your own customized radio station that plays your favorite music non-stop. What you need to do is simply choose an artist and iHeartRadio will custom create your own music radio station which features songs by that singer only. It may also play songs that are similar in their musical composition and style.

Control what you listen to

iHeartRadio has a collection of over 20 million songs by about 45,000 different artists belonging to a number of countries. No matter what your taste is, iHeartRadio will take care of all your musical emergencies. With a feature called Discovery Tuner, you can limit the variety of the music that you get to listen to. So if an artist or genre just doesn’t crack it for you, you don’t have to listen to it just because it’s on radio.

How to log in to iHeartRadio

With social media on the hype these days, iHeartRadio can always be at your finger tips; it is compatible with a number of popular platforms. You can easily get your account registered through Facebook, your email address or Google+ through a number of connected devices. Once you log in, you will be able to access all the genres of music and artists through your social media account. You can easily skim through our collection and create your own personalized playlist, filter the content that you don’t want and even share your favorite music with your friends.

iHeartRadio is supported by a number of gadgets and you can get seamless streaming if you use it from almost any device. So whether you log on to it through any online source, your mobiles, tablets cars and a number of other connected devices you are sure to receive a seamless streaming by iHeartRadio.

iHeartRadio takes the entire concept of listening to the radio to next level; you are no longer limited to listen to whatever is on. With it you can pick, choose, create, share and flaunt your music taste and be proud of it. iHeartRadio is revolutionizing the way people see radio today. With our lives like a roller coaster, we get little time to relax with music; why not do it in style with iHeartRadio.

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