Music services compatible with Amazon Echo

Amazon started as a modest book seller and provided an effective online solution for people to get their hands on new books that have been launched. From that point, it has now become a giant that deals in a wide range of products. With an idea to expand its business through Internet of Things route, it launched its Echo product range which is in essence a music speaker which works through the internet. While the product has not really failed to impress us music lovers, it has not been the type of gadget that sell like hot cakes either.

Amazon continues to come up with gadgets with new and improved features which are highly appreciated by the users. Many of these compatible devices also come with equally compatible apps and take your usual music to the next level.

Here is what you need to know about Amazon Echo to make your music more relaxing and enjoyable at the end of a long they at work.


We think Amazon Echo has been designed as an amazingly designed gadget for music lovers, with its outstanding voice control system, its compatibility with your Wi-Fi is super easy and efficient work around. Amazon Echo comes with a new, never-heard-before feature called Alexa; with this feature you are guaranteed to enjoy an incomparable voice quality. While its functionality is still limited, it offers great sound quality.  Other than your Wi-Fi, you can also connect it via Bluetooth; with a number of alternatives to connect it with, you will never have compatibility issues with it.

With its 3-inch circumference, a number of users consider it very handy as it does not occupy a lot of space, but since it has to be plugged in to use, it limits its functionality as it cannot be carried around. Your Echo SmartSpeaker also functions as a personal assistant and through it you can go through your daily news, alarms, music and weather updates as well.


What a number of users have been complaining about is that its voice quality does not remain same at higher volume and gets distorted. Another thing that affects the functionality of this overall great gadget is that it does not come with rechargeable battery and needs to be plugged into a socket all the while you use it. But as Amazon is still improving the quality of this product we can hope for an improved alternative sooner than later.

Our views on this product are mixed; it offers enough positive features for a new product in the market but to maintain its worth, Amazon needs to put some effort in to it and introduce some level of innovation. Another aspect that also may turn users against it is that its effectiveness is limited to other Amazon products only. If you are involved in the Amazon ecosystem then this product will give you very high level of efficiency but it is just another speaker if it fails to be compatible with the others gadgets that you own.


To enjoy its full functionality and the range of its features, make sure that you have Amazon’s range of compatible devices and compatible apps.

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