How to shop on Amazon with Echo

Amazon’s Echo is a voice-controlled home audio speaker system with Blue tooth and wi0fi connectivity. The cylindrically shaped home audio speaker is a personal voice assistant similar to the Siri and Google Now which is available on your smart devices. The Amazon Echo responds to the wake word (either Alexa or Amazon) and fulfills any of your spoken commands such as set the alarm, answer any question you have play your desired music, and even create your shopping list.

The Amazon Echo is constantly learning and adapting new things – your speech, your personal preferences and now even you shopping habits.

How can you shop on Amazon using the assistant of Alexa?

Of course, we all have done online shopping before – but that is of the past. Amazon has recently added Pantry for groceries, as well as an update to its voice-enabled speaker system allowing a better shopping experience. The Alexa allows you to shop without even raising your fingers. All that you have to do is just tell Alexa to re-order what you have already purchased using your Prime account. Your personal shopping assistant checks its database and asks you for confirmation before ordering the product and all you have to say is a “yes” and Alexa will take care of it for you.


The shopping benefits are not restricted to past purchases. If Alexa is unable to find the purchase in the past orders, then she will search for a similar product in that category, with a similar price. Alexa always confirms before finalizing the order and if you add something accidentally all you have to do is ask Alexa to cancel the current order. If Alexa is unable to find your desired product in her database, she will automatically add the items to your shopping list on your behalf for your next shopping trip – physical or virtual.

When I purchased the Echo a few months ago, it was only restricted to playing music and answering specific questions. But now Alexa has gradually become an important part of my household. Whenever something is finished in the kitchen, I call out to Alexa to add it to my shopping list. Her suggestions made on the most recommended alternative are also beneficial if you are looking for something in a specific category. Like children’s toys. All I have to do is ask Alexa to find play-doh toys for kids age 3 and she will provide me with some of the best rated and recommended products on the Amazon’s shopping website.

With the recent update in Echo, the way we shop will also change with time. First we used to go to shops physically to buy products and online shopping replaced that. And now with Amazon Echo – you can shop while hands-free. Your new shopping assistant lights up at all your shopping demands and processes your order for you without you having to make any move.

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