WeMo Wi-Fi Light Switch Review

When you think about smart lighting solutions, the first thing that comes to mind may be systems like Philips Hue, which networks individual light bulbs together. These systems are great for renters, or those looking to first dip their toes into the connected home world, rather than dive headfirst.

The WeMo Light Switch, however, aims to replace any standard-sized lightswitch in your home entirely. Connect the entire existing switch rather than individual light bulbs. This is a great solution for those who would rather keep an existing lighting setup, but would still like the option to control it wirelessly. The WeMo Light Switch even comes in a dimming variant.

WeMo Dimmer Light Switch

With the recent announcement of the Amazon Fire TV Cube, you may be happy to learn that WeMo Wi-Fi switches are both Alexa and Google Assistant compatible. It also works seamlessly with Nest and IFTTT, includes a security “away mode” with random lighting intervals, and unlike many other lighting systems, connects directly via Wi-Fi (no need for a hub system).

WeMo Mini Smart Plug

One area that smart bulbs may have an advantage over a connected light switch like the WeMo is with lamps and other devices that you want to control but are not controlled by a wall switch. WeMo has you covered with their Insight Smart Plug and Mini Smart Plug. These devices go between the wall outlet and whatever you’d like to plug in. Then, you’re all set to control any wall switch or outlet in your home, wherever you are!

WeMo Insight Smart Plug

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