New Trend: Fully Automated Tiny Homes

At first, nobody really had anticipated two of the country’s recent and fastest growing industries would merge together. Home automation devices have not been around a really long time but they grew popular quickly as soon as they came out. The idea of tiny homes is not new, but there has been a recent trend towards people purchasing them. Now there are companies that combine the two worlds and manufacture tiny homes that are fully automated.

For most people, the purpose of living in a tiny home is to downsize and save money over the long run. It seems strange that people who are down-sizing are choosing to invest in home automation systems. But since tiny homes are much tinier than regular homes, there is not as much involved in making them fully automated.

It is not difficult to automate everything in an “e-home” with minimal equipment. Some companies have been selling their tiny homes with built-in automation systems that operate just about every house function. Everything in the home from the lights, water, heat, and entertainment systems get controlled through a device such as Alexa.

Once a home automation system gets installed into the little houses, the homes become more efficient than they started. Many consumers are noticing that they save more money on energy bills when a computer system regulates their energy usage. The automated tiny home manufacturers market their products as a way to live in luxury while downsizing your lifestyle and saving money.

If downsizing is a want or a need in your life, you might as well put the effort into making your little home the “Cadillac of tiny homes.” The options are endless as to what comforts automation adds to your home.