Review: August Smart Lock

Ensure Complete Safety with August Smart Lock

People are used to keeping their most valuable things under lock to ensure safety. Do you want to provide extra safety at your home and save all your valuable things? August Smart Lock is the very thing you need. Created by the famous designer, it promises a series of advanced features and functionality which will totally establish the safety you need at your home.

Sounds good? Here is our personal research on this very product.


One of the amazing things August has is a great user experience which means installation is a pretty easy for everyone. The installation process is the simplest among all other best ones. The lock replaces the inside half of deadbolt which means you do not need to remove the metal things from your door. Just take a screwdriver and get the job done.

After installing it to the door, you should pair the device with your smartphone and network. You see – Simple and easy, like counting from 1 to 3.

Design & Features

Well, as said the installation process is quite simple, but the look is not so pleasing. But if operation is more important for you, the appearance will not make you unhappy.

Everlock and Auto-Unlock are the basic features August have and provide all the operation for the lock. It means you never have to think about locking your door again. Well, Everlock uses deadbolt to show you have closed the door and in that case the lock will automatically activate as soon as you leave.

Auto-Unlock has a unique sense when you approach the door. The smartphone coming with the lock is very smooth. It has a perfect user friendly interface which can give out as many as you want, the feature many advanced locks do not have.
In addition to all this, August features handy elements which appear to be helpful in many cases.

A thing not to forget – If August is out of use, the app will alert you about the low battery, and even In this case lock’s design doesn’t prevent you from using your normal key to get entry.

To these good features, however, August has some drawback. Android app lacks vital features which will be hopefully improved in the next versions.

People who have already bought the item will unanimously agree that August is a dream product as it provides smooth performance. Fact – it never failed during our testing, too.


The August locks behind you not more than 30 seconds after you leave. As for the Auto-Unlock, it will only activate when you leave and then come back.
We never experienced any bugs or slowdowns while testing the item and were very pleased to make use of its easy controllable interface.


Just paying $250, you get a smart lock with polished interface, quick operation and usefulness. August is a bit expensive compared to currently available devices, but high quality and well execution is the very issue here. August undoubtedly is the best smart lock available in the market. Ensure your complete safety with August – do it NOW!