Review: The Insteon Starter Kit

Insteon Starter Kit – Now compatible with the Amazon Echo


Are you looking for a gorgeous start for home automation? Do you want to get rid of monthly fees and save money? Now it is time for considering crazy functional Insteon Starter Kit which is noted with its series of automation products and offers free app for your smartphone which means that wherever you go your home is with you. Want to get all specs and functionalities it covers? Keep calm and read out our review of Insteon Starter Kit.


Putting aside the disadvantages, Insteon app is quite reliable product.

When you set up the software and tell the app to turn your lamp on, you will feel just confident that it will run properly. Interestingly the app differentiates between local usage and remote usage.

While testing the performance, you can notice the real limitations.
In some cases the app fails to alert in case of light is turned on or off, which is quite disappointing.


The app’s set up is very easy not requiring special skills or power, Once you’ve got your system up and running, you can completely forget about it.
The drawback at this point is that the Insteon’s app will not track the remaining battery life of your other devices or at least give alert that your batteries are running low.
Product Highlights

Before buying any product, one should have all the advantages and disadvantages take into account in order not to get disappointed later.
For Starter Kit, we have noticed there are many benefits the buyers can get use of. Some of them are represented below:

1. The Starter with its Insteon Thermostat allows user to control home temperature while being away and all in a remote mode.

2. Being compatible with Amazon Echo, the unique Insteon Motion Sensor is able to convey alerts whenever someone moving in your house. You just need to add it on your front door and the rest will be operated.

3. Insteon Leak Sensor gives you chance to detect trifle drips and does not allow them to become huge problems.

4. Though all the devices are sold separately, Insteon WILL NOT CHARGE you a monthly fee for making the automation regardless of devices you add to your network.


The more you use the app, the more you notice the limitations. Unfortunately they are and in some cases very evident.

1. With Insteon, you can’t create custom icons for your devices by just snapping pictures of them, the thing you can do with your other automation apps.

2. The device does not allow you to add extra timing rules from the LampLinc’s in-app device settings.

3. As you know, Insteon makes you employ a workaround to accomplish some basic tasks and functionality which is initially not trustworthy and does not inspire confidence in the usefulness of the device.


Insteon is not as advanced as you might think, but it is compatible with existing devices and among them Insteon Hub is a good choice.
Those who are looking for something specific from their system can try Insteon’s wide range of sensors. Just paying $119, you get a cool system of many sensors and functionalities.