Alexa Developers Zero to Hero, Part 10 Video: The ASK Command Line Interface (CLI)

This is an Alexa Skills training video tutorial from Alexa Developers. Here is the YouTube video description:

In this video we’re going to move away from the web browser and go towards the command line. If you’re an advanced developer used to the command line you can leverage our ASK CLI (Command Line Interface) which allows you to access tons of APIs so you can effectively automate virtually any task that has todo with building Alexa skills. Overall we’ll show you how to configure and use the ASK CLI to do the most basic, but key operations.

Topics Covered:
1. Configuring the ASK-CLI with personal AWS account support
2. Cloning an Alexa Hosted Skill
3. Editing a skill in code and deploying the skill

Zero to Hero Github:
Zero to Hero Github Part 1:

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