Alexa Developers Zero to Hero, Part 1 Video: Alexa Skills Kit Overview

This is an Alexa Skills training video tutorial from Alexa Developers. Here is the YouTube video description:

In this video we’ll cover the very basics of Alexa Skill building. From fundamentals and terminology to a functional hello world skill you’ll get everything you need to get started in your skill building journey!

Topics Covered:
1. Development and Production Lambda Stages (AHS branches)
2. Lambda Dependencies (package.json, requires in code)
3. Handler as processor of incoming requests. Handler structure
4. Request Types (LaunchRequest, IntentRequest, SessionEndedRequest)
5. Skill Builder (custom vs standard) and its functions
6. Reflector (catch all intent handler)
7. Out-of-domain utterances

Zero to Hero Github:
Zero to Hero Github Part 1:

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