Alexa Developers Zero to Hero, Part 2 Video: Skill Internationalization (i18n), Interceptors & Error Handling

This is an Alexa Skills training video tutorial from Alexa Developers. Here is the YouTube video description:

In this video we’re going to continue on our Alexa skill building journey and focus on internationalization (i18n). We’ll depart from a simple hello world skill in English and add support for more than one language while keeping a single code base.

Topics Covered:
1. Multiple models per locale
2. Key/value string resources for i18n
3. Enriching handlerInput with t function via interceptor
4. Attribute manager as key/value store
5. High level attribute types (session(short term), persistent(long term))
6. Changing locale on Build tab and on Test tab (test both locales)

Zero to Hero Github:
Zero to Hero Github Part 2:

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