Mycroft AI smart home assistant preview

Home Assistants are gaining in popularity as the Echo and HomePod gain more and more orders. However, the market is demanding an original, open source assistant that is more flexible and responsive to user demands. Fortunately, the new Mycroft is launching to meet those needs. This system is the most advanced on the market with extremely powerful, crowd sourced software technology. Because it is open source, it is continually improved and completely transparent. For that reason, many people are excited about the prospects for this system.


The product use powerful opens source Linux operating system. This system powers many of the most sophisticated servers, computers and chips on the planet. Secondly, it utilizes the Raspberry Pi and Arduino development platforms for hardware. These allow for an optimized device that runs smoothly on limited power. That allows tremendous AI processing on a small home device.

Of course, the system uses natural language processing to instantly respond to any requests. It includes the same type of speakers that easily pick up instructions from across the room and produce crystal clear sound in return.

It has installed YouTube, Spotify and Pandora to play music with those speakers. In contrast to the Echo and HomePod which have a limited or ad-filled music systems, the Mycroft is seamless and ad-free.

Best of all, the Mycroft integrates with all other home devices to create a smart home. You can use it to turn on lights, adjust the temperature or anything else on the SmartThings Hub.

Because the device is open source, it is infinitely adaptable. For example, you can use the device to author a text message, post on Facebook or Twitter, control a Roomba, order food or do many other things through the internet. While Echo and HomePod have some elements of these features, neither has all of them nor the ability to manipulate the device.

For these reasons and others, Mycroft is highly anticipated. It’s sure to be a hit.

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