Top 3 Smart Home Devices for Pets

With roughly 68% of American households owning a pet, the market for smart home technology has rapidly expanded to feature smart technology geared toward pets. From helping to control your pet’s weight to discouraging excessive barking, smart home products for pets offer an impressive array of advantages. Below are three of the most popular smart home technology products designed for pet owners.

1) Automatic Pet Feeders

Automatic pet feeders are growing in popularity for many reasons. In addition to helping to ensure that your dogs and cats are fed on a regular basis, they help dog and cat owners keep their pet’s weight under control. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), roughly 54% of dogs and 59% of cats are overweight or obese, making automatic pet feeders a valuable tool in pet weight control.

2) Pet SmartDoors

Pet SmartDoors are highly sophisticated compared to pet doors manufactured a decade ago. The latest models contain a variety of attractive features such as key fobs, microchip access, and doors that lock automatically after your pet enters. Some SmartDoors even include apps that enable you to monitor the frequency with which your pet enters and leaves your home.

3) SmartCollars

Pet SmartCollars are growing in frequency among pet owners who wish to track their pet’s behavior and facilitate training. Today’s SmartCollars feature virtual fence and virtual leash technology that keeps you informed if your pet attempts to venture outside the confines of your yard. Some SmartCollars also include integrated ultrasonic whistles to help control barking.

The Bottom Line

Pet technology products are growing in popularity among pet owners. Products such as SmartCollars, automatic feeders, and SmartDoors help to promote healthful pet ownership habits. Additionally, investing in smart home technology for pets is a strategy that offers increased convenience while making you a better pet parent.

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