Top New Products for the Smart Home 2018

Some of the newest smart home products will only begin to take hold in the market in 2018. Read on to be on the cutting edge of the most recent innovations in Smart Home innovation and consolidation.

Brilliant Control Light Switches

After a successful pre-order campaign, Brilliant Control is seeking to deliver its first batch of “the World’s Smartest Light Switches” in early 2018. Their switch networks with other Smart Home systems like Sonos and Nest, and can be used to replace multiple switches by simply displaying multiple toggles on its color screen. Voice control is also built in, giving it access to the Alexa voice assistant if you have that capacity already.
A kitchen with Swidgets in several locations

Swidget Integrated Wall Outlets

Swidget funded through Kickstarter to create a way to keep smart technology accessible but out of sight by integrating it into standard wall outlets. The outlets modular design allow you to decide whether you want a USB charger, a Bluetooth speaker, a motion sensor or an Alexa extender in any particular outlet, extending the reach of many of your pre-existing Smart Home systems.

A render of the Akita

Protection of Smart Home Networks via AKITA

As more Smart Home systems become available and more homes integrate multiple technologies at once, security becomes an issue. AKITA scans all networked Smart Home appliances for unusual activity and has prepared protocols for shutting down outside interference. They will also provide on-call services if you have a question about a particular attempt to access your devices, so you can rest assured that your network is secure.

It is no surprise that many new Smart Home technologies are coming out of major companies, but these exciting new start-up firms promise to keep the world of Smart Home appliances vibrant and competitive, providing the best new products and add-ons for users.

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