5 Best Bluetooth speakers for the Echo Dot 2018

Fans of the Amazon Echo Dot know that despite having no built-in speakers, the Dot can be just as functional as, if not more functional than, the standard Echo. In addition to always-on voice assistant technology, the Echo Dot is more portable and less expensive than its bigger brother. To unlock its full potential, you need only a set of Echo Dot compatible speakers – So, here are our recommendations for the 5 best Bluetooth speakers for the Echo Dot.

The Anker Soundcore 2

    1. Anker Soundcore II – 24-hour battery life, upgraded performance drivers, and the grab-and-go design of this speaker make it a great option for moving around and still staying connected to the Echo Dot.

The Aomais Sport 2

    1. AOMAIS Sport II – This speaker is fully waterproof, making it a great option in proximity to rain or by the pool. Combining powerful 20W sound with a rechargeable battery, this speaker will go anywhere you go and still work.

The Vaux portable speaker

    1. Vaux – This sleek canister-style speaker actually connects your Echo Dot in seamlessly, providing mobile battery life for the Dot and on-the-go sound for you. The speaker’s quality and the simple style of the design make this a great option with the Dot.

The Auto Tech IPX7

    1. Auto Tech IPX7 – This small but powerful speaker provides a pleasing light show while it follows you from the kitchen, to the shower, to the pool, to outdoor adventures. Affixing easily to smooth surfaces with a suction cup, this speaker truly delivers volume without taking up lots of space.

The Sonos Play:1

  1. Sonos Play:1 – The high quality sound buff’s best friend, the Sonos Play:1 is actually a 2 room set comes that with two speakers, which can play different music in different rooms at the same time. The price is a bit higher, but Sonos also has an industry reputation for getting the best sound quality for a unique music experience.

 Anker Classic – Still looking for another option? The Anker Classic comes in cheaper than most of the other popular speakers out there, yet offers audio of similar quality to the more expensive Soundcore II and its rivals.
The Anker Classic portable speaker

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