Samsung's new washing machine will save you time and aggravation

CES 2017, which runs from Jan. 5 to Jan. 8, in Las Vegas, isn’t just a place to check out new TVs and virtual reality headsets. But believe it or not, home appliances take up a good amount of floor space at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year, Samsung is rolling out three surprisingly intriguing new home appliances.

I’ll be the first to admit that nothing about washers and dryers remotely interests me. But Samsung’s new FlexWash washing machine and FlexDry dryer actually seem worthwhile.

See, besides folding clothes, which feels like slow agonizing torture — thank you for doing that for me all those years, Mom — having to do two separate loads for whites and colors is a huge pain. But Samsung just solved that problem with the dual-loading FlexWash.

FlexWash is a standard front-loading washer with a smaller, separate top-loading washer on top. A single water line feeds into the machine, which then splits off into the two washing tubs. None of the water in the top or bottom tubs touches each other, which means you can wash and bleach your tighty whities and gym socks in one tub and wash your jeans in the other at the same time.

You can also wash clothes in hot water in one tub and more delicate fabrics in the other with cold water. It’s a big time saver and should help cut down on your laundry time by a good margin.

“Ah, but what about drying items separately?” you ask. That’s where the FlexDry comes in. Like the FlexWash, the FlexDry has a large front-loading tub and a smaller top-loading tub, which can be used at the same time for separate types of clothes.

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Samsung’s new washer and dryer can do two loads at once.

The main, front-loading tub is where you’ll dry your normal clothes, while you can use the top tub to quickly air-dry things like sneakers, sweaters and anything else you wouldn’t normally throw in your dryer.

You don’t have to necessarily use the two tubs at the same time, either. The top tub, which uses recirculated air, can be used on its own if you need to dry off your running shoes after a quick jog in the rain. If you just need to dry your best “going-out shirt” for the evening, you can pop it into the main tub.

I’m a bit curious as to whether the FlexWash and FlexDry will use more power than standard washers and dryers, but Samsung hasn’t gotten back to me with that information quite yet.

Like Samsung’s other high-end washer and dryers, the FlexWash and FlexDry both feature Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can receive updates when it’s time to switch over your laundry or throw in the fabric softener.

Robot vacuums you can order around

In addition to the FlexDry and FlexWash, Samsung has also unveiled a new slimmer version of its Powerbot robot vacuum cleaner. The company’s latest automated vacuum is 4 inches tall, which is in line with competing vacuums, meaning this literal sucker can more easily glide under furniture where dust and crumbs typically collect.

Beyond the fact that Samsung says its latest Powerbot has the strongest suction of any robot vacuum, the R7000 series comes complete with Wi-Fi connectivity and, get this, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings support.

Samsung Powerbot Vacuum.Samsung Powerbot Vacuum.

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You can command Samsung’s new PowerBot Vacuum with Amazon’s Alexa.

Yes, now you can command your robot vacuum to clean your floors like it’s some kind of electronic Cinderella. You know, without the whole glass slipper thing.

Samsung says the Powerbot’s new FullView Sensor 2.0 will help prevent the vacuum from colliding with walls and chairs. When it detects corners, a small nozzle will extend from the device’s front edge so it doesn’t miss any hard-to-reach dust balls.

The new Powerbots begin shipping in March for $500.

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