Review: Wink Smart Home Hub

Do you have many smart devices at your home? Are you mixed up with them all the time? So in this case you’d like probably to manage them all in a smooth and unified fashion which can be somehow nightmare. No more problems NOW. Wink Hub is the product you need right now. Read the review and I will show you how to get your devices working together. The BEST product for a customer like YOU!

Device and its features
Wink Hub is a smart home automation platform created to manage and control smart home products.

It serves as a link both between your smart home devices (such as smart bulbs, smoke detector) as well as the smart home devices and the Internet. Additionally, the Hub uses the Wink mobile software that provides all-in-one dashboard for controlling all your smart home devices.

Features: One of the biggest features that really sells are multiple radio sets and support of smart home devices that use ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Besides, it has an open API which makes it easy for companies to make compatible products.

The Wink Hub is available for Android and iOS devices and those without Android or iOS devices can use another device- the Wink Relay which is Android-based device with a touch screen and 2 physical switches.


Wink App

After plugging the hub, LED blinks away as it awaits a real network connection. Once you are in this stage, it means it’s time to install the mobile app.
Launch the app and follow on-screen instructions to create a Wink account. After logging into your account, it’s time to add the Wink Hub to the control software.


Connecting the hub to the app is simple enough. Just open the app, select the hub under the product list, and follow the instructions. After you can add other products which includes the same process. Select a product from the list and follow the step-by-step instructions to set it up.


Actually the product is worth buying, especially when the price is $50. It has a lot features to offer, a lot of features needed for the smart home devices to keep them managed. However, for helping you in your right decision here are the Pros and Cons of the device.


– $50 price is selling point which has no monthly fee or subscription.

– The installation process is very user friendly and the instructions make it simple enough to install.
– Supports IFTTT protocol.

– Accepts smart devices without forcing you to pair them directly to the Wink Hub.


– No web access as you can only control the Wink Hub via your iOS or Android device.

– The hub requires mandatory Internet access for functionality.

– LED indicator light on the hub is bright enough to illuminate a room at night.
Well, many cons and at the same time pros. What to do NOW? Just try it, and you will surely not lose money!