Pebble’s Core mini computer to ship with Alexa’s voice services

Pebble’s Core Pocket Computer (Photo : Twitter)

Pebble’s new Core keychain computer will be getting Amazon Alexa voice integration when the tiny Android device ships in early 2017. The tech startup pointed out that Core is the world’s first fully-mobile wearable to include Amazon’s voice command functionality. Pebble Core is a running accessory that includes a music player, fitness tracker, and GPS tracker, yet uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity to work without a smartphone.

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Pebble also just announced two new smartwatches with the pocket computer, and has raised $9.7 million on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. It announced its Kickstarter campaign for Core last month.

Core includes many voice-related features. They include the ability to read headline news, receive weather and traffic updates, play music through Amazon Prime Music or Spotify, get Pebble Health summaries, shop at, and control Internet of Things (IoT) devices in smart homes.

Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky stated in a blog post on June 2, Thursday that Amazon continues to make Alexa more powerful and useful. It is the same approach Pebble takes to develop products.

Core includes a tiny button that can be hacked to perform almost any function for users. The device also includes an SOS feature that reports a user’s location for emergency situations.

Pebble also announced that the Core is an open-source platform. It seems to be suggesting that the silver dollar-sized computer could get much more functionality before its 2017 launch. 

Pebble originally offered Core for $69 through Kickstarter before it sold out. Meanwhile, pledges are still available for as low as $79, and the device will have a $99 price when it hits the retail market.   

In related news, Samsung announced its Gear Fit 2 on June 2, Thursday. This fitness tracker is a follow-up of the original Gear Fit launched in 2014. The wristband now includes a new design, GPS, and the ability to detect certain physical activities, according to The Verge.      

Gear Fit 2 has a more flexible band than the original activity tracker. However, it is also a larger device in part due to the 1.5-inch, super AMOLED display that is twice as large as the original model, according to Tech Crunch.

The wrist wearable’s data is all shown vertically. This ends the need for users to twist their wrists to read a horizontal display screen.


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