How to order food with Amazon Echo

The sci-fi vision of saying “Bring me delicious food” and having a delivery person show-up at your home 30 minutes later with your favorite meal is now a reality. Amazon’s Echo device is now integrated with Seamless and GrubHub food delivery service. Users can simply instruct Alexa to order a meal and have everything taken care of. There are a few considerations to make this vision a reality.

To get started, log onto your account online. Search for the “Seamless skill” in the Alexa skills department. Once you find it, simply click “Enable”.

Brand new Seamless (or GrubHub) users will not be able to use the feature directly. Seamless must have a form of payment already saved on the site. This credit card number or payment method should have been uploaded manually at an earlier date. Additionally, the delivery address has to be uploaded manually at an earlier time into your Seamless account.

You need an order history of at least 3 meals ideally. That way you can reorder a recent meal. Meal editing is not yet available but should become available in the future. In any case, detailed new orders or perusing of menu items is probably faster on a screen than through a vocal description by the Echo.

When you are ready to order, run Seamless by saying:

“Alexa, tell Seamless I’m hungry!”

“Alexa, open Seamless”

Answer Alexa’s questions and wait for the magic to happen. A little while later your delicious meal will arrive. It’s that simple.

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