Round-up – The Best Smart Home Products of CES 2018

With the biggest consumer technology show on earth wrapping up today in Las Vegas, consumers have a lot to look forward to this year around the home. From smart toilets to an advanced AI security camera, here are several home product highlights from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Kohler Konnect Smart Bathroom Range


This smart bathroom range from powerhouse manufacturer Kohler brings voice-assistant integration into the room where the day begins and ends. The range includes a shower called the DTV+ that contains numerous voice-activated presets which regulate temperature and lighting. The range also includes the ability to preset bathtub temperatures and turn off the water when the bathtub is full. Also included are features incorporating mirror lighting and toilet preferences from a foot-warmer to a personal cleaning bidet. No specific dates or prices have been announced, but there is no doubt these products will come with a luxury price tag.

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

The Family Hub Refrigerator from Samsung is much more than a box for keeping food cold. Deserving of TechRadar’s award for Best Smart Home Device of CES 2018, the fridge seconds as a true “hub” for all smart home devices. With Bixby’s help, the ability to streamline devices from different manufacturers, peek inside to order groceries, play movies directly on the touchscreen, and integrate family schedules launches Samsung forward in their goal to rule the home.

Somfy Outdoor Camera

The Somfy outdoor camera is an all-in-one security system. With advanced AI technology, the camera not only recognizes a person, it also voice alerts them to leave the premises using an onboard microphone. If the warning is ignored, the camera will emit a 110dB siren which is comparable to a chainsaw or a rock concert. The ability for the camera to distinguish a human from any other creature sets this security apart.  The camera will be available for purchase summer 2018.

With voice-assistant integration and artificial intelligence dominating the CES, 2018 is setting up to be an action-packed year for home consumers looking to update and streamline their home systems.


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