One startup wants to be your smart home tech support

Image of the Axius Hub
All you need is the Axius Hub to connect all your devices to Axius' tech support

One Startup to Rule Them All…
Smart home devices that is

So you’ve gotten into the smart home game. First it was a few harmless lights, then the thermostat, and now you’re in deep; Cameras, locks, doorbell. Everything is going great (minus a few compatibility issues) until one day you come home and the door won’t unlock… Now what? You need help from smart home tech support from Axius.

This is a real scenario. Technology is fallible, and as anyone involved in the smart home business can tell you, there are still kinks to be worked out. Just have a look at the hashtag #smarthomefail for a laundry list of people suffering from smart devices that aren’t smart enough.

Axius is addressing a major obstacle in the path to widespread adoption of smart home technology

These are precisely the scenarios that Axius was developed to deal with. Now that more and more homes are growing into computerized, internet-connected systems of their own, a lot of people are in need of on-demand technical support. Axius looks to be the early leader in smart home tech support.

Pricing isn’t terrible either      (~˘▾˘)~

After all, if you can’t get inside to reset your router, you’re going to need someone who can. Axius connects to each user’s home with a hub so that they can troubleshoot network and device problems remotely.

Aside from emergencies, the startup provides support for any other issues users might be facing, including set-up and compatibility issues, and they’re available seven days a week from 9 am to 9 pm.

  • Wi-Fi & Home Network Assistance
  • Unlimited access tech experts
  • Dedicated account support rep
  • Network Security
  • Daily management of device health & security
  • Monthly report on system performance
  • Proactive fixes and updates
  • Smart Home management software
  • Tech Coaching & Recommendations
  • Product recommendations
  • Even “Social Media Security” … ?

The smart home market is growing quickly and is fast reaching the casual user. Not everyone interested in smart homes is interested in learning everything there is to know about every device and how all of the different standards and systems interact, nor should they need to be.

If we are to learn anything from the meteoric growth of the Amazon Echo, Axius seems poised scale dramatically as the market grows over the next few years. And by addressing a major obstacle in the path to widespread adoption of smart home technology, not only are they providing the first BYOD smart home tech support, they’re also expanding the potential market for smart home devices even farther. We only hope that they can also expand those business hours for the late-night lock-outs.

Check them out at for more info.