What To Look For When Entering The Housing Market

(NAPSI)—According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, millennials are the largest generation in the housing market, but in comparison to older generations, they’re delayed in purchasing their first home. When they are ready to take the plunge, millennials are particularly interested in smart technology. In fact, in 2015, 41 percent of millennials were aware of and interested in owning smart home products—focusing primarily on connected security and monitoring devices, smart lighting, power and appliances. One vital component of a connected home is the garage—a key entry point to the household.

More than just a place to park the car or store the lawn mower, the garage is an important part of the home, providing access, safety and security, and total home control for homeowners and their guests. As you or the first-time homebuyers in your life look to purchase, consider the following:

• Access: Millennials use their phones for more than just communicating—they use them to buy coffee, book exercise classes and directly pay friends and family. Through the free MyQ® app, the garage is just as easily accessible, letting homeowners open, close and monitor their garage door from anywhere in the world, at any time, from any internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer.

• Safety and Security: For more than 70 percent of homeowners, the garage is the main access point to the home, which means when viewing a potential home or during an official inspection, millennials should ensure the garage door opener functions securely and safely with a quick safety check. If a garage door doesn’t rebound upon impact with an item placed in its path, be sure to call a certified dealer to conduct a professional inspection. Garage door openers should also provide a sense of security, while meeting millennials’ desire for smart home products. With LiftMaster’s Nest Cam, users can access a video feed of what’s happening in the garage the moment the garage door is activated, allowing for enhanced security and peace of mind.

• Home Control: A connected garage is an easy way to make any home a “smart home.” When looking to purchase a home, millennials should examine the capabilities of the garage door opener. Is it Wi-Fi® capable? Can it integrate with technology to control the lights or thermostat? If not, consider asking the seller to replace the garage door opener with one that comes fully equipped with the latest features, such as built-in Wi-Fi, and is compatible with other home automation systems.

With these helpful tips, first-time homebuyers can get the most out of their homes, while ensuring they are safe and functional. For more information on garage door openers with smart home capabilities, visit www.LiftMaster.com.


The latest generation of homebuyers is looking to hook up with the latest generation of smart home technology.

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