What is IFTTT and why you need it?

Wondering how to setup IFTTT?

The internet is full of useful and fun experiences, but, on the other hand, it can also complicate our simple lives. With so many compatible apps and websites in the world one probably faces difficulty in completing his or her basic tasks or even managing them. Fortunately for everyone, there is now a single web tool on the internet that can act as an ultimate and most popular automation service for you and your entire web connected things. It is known as IFTTT. While the site may have been started since 2010, the company recently has started making improvements and working with other devices.

IFTTT is very simple and easy to use once you get to know all about the ‘channels, triggers recipes and actions’, but its recently added features has taken automating capabilities to a whole new level of experience by introducing three new standalone apps and also a flagship app. You may pronounce IFTTT like ‘gift’ but without its ‘g’ however, it stands for IF This, Then That.

IFTTT is both a compatible mobile and app and a website launched back in 2010 and has the tagline of ‘Put the internet to work for you’. IFTTT allows all its users to automate everything starting form you favorite websites and app to app- enable devices and accessories. For instance, if you own Philips Hue light bulbs, you can make use of IFTTT to turn on a light every time you receive a notification on facebook. IFTTT is currently supporting 116 channels including, many Apple iOs apps and android devices like Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Word Press, Soundcloud, Google Drive, YouTube and much more.

Sign up or register for a free account at the IFTTT. It is just a simple one step process which only requires your username, unique password and your email id. Once done, you will be able see that the website has now automatically set up various recipes for you that will be recommended to you every day through email. You can even create your own special recipes on the dashboard or browse through the already created recipes y if the users of IFTTT. You can also save and hare your recipes on your personal dashboard and once you add a recipe to the dashboard, you have options to edit, turn off and delete that recipe.

IFTTT allows the communication within compatible apps through recipes. These recipes consist of simple conditional statement that can sync with twitter, Facebook and may other social networking sites to create an exciting automated experience for you like saving your staged photos automatically in the Dropbox or texting weather in the mornings.  The most amazing thing about IFTT is how simple the app is to use. Many may think that these recipes may require some programming, however, they do not. You easily create your own recipes by just clicking on the site’s command icons and then typing in what you want. Now what could be easier to just write and then get implemented on? Once you command the IFTTT what do, sit back and relax as IFTTT follows on what it promises to do and give you what you are looking for.

Moreover, the capabilities of IFTTT do not end here. IFTTT and Amazon Echo, have decided to work together, both became very popular among all the users, but the tow have now come together as one because Amazon Alexa now supports IFTTT recipes officially. This mean the users can now do some pretty cool things but just using their voice. Well who would have thought about it back in 2010? IFTTT is a very powerful app that has allowed its entire user to create customized action between services and compatible apps.  If you a fan of IFTTT and own and Amazon Echo at the same time, then you definitely have to give the two a try to work together and take automation beyond what you had imagined. This new compatibility feature of IFTTT with Amazon Alexa has definitely boosted the usefulness of the voice assistant and made it more appealing to the buyers. So if you are one of the many lucky buyers of Amazon Echo, you can now benefit greatly from this new collaboration with IFTTT.

Starting from today, there will be 121 channels that you can easily control using Alexa. If you are not of the creative types but still want to try IFTT with Amazon Echo, no need to worry! There are a number of tips and already created recipes on IFTTT that can be easily within the dashboard.