WDEL–Delaware's best source for news, traffic, and weather–is available through Amazon Alexa.

If you were lucky enough to snag the hottest Christmas gift this season–the Amazon Echo–then you’ve also got a new way to listen to WDEL.

“WDEL News and the all-new WDEL.com have been approved by Amazon to be the official supplier of Delaware news to the new series of connected devices–the amazon Echo, the dot, and the lady in the box named Alex,” explained Mark Weidel, General Manager of DBC Interactive.

Just tell her: “Alexa, Delaware news.”


WDEL–Delaware’s best source for news, traffic, and weather–is available through Amazon Alexa.

As expected, Delaware’s number one source for news, traffic, and weather, WDEL, is sourced by Alexa, who will read you Delaware’s top stories.

“These devices are incredibly popular this holiday season, thousands and thousands have been sold,” said Weidel. “Those that get the devices for the holidays they go onto their mobile phone app that they enable to use the devices, and then they can enable a skill just by searching for Delaware news–we’ll be the supplier of that. From there on, they’re able to ask Alexa to give them Delaware news.”

Users can also stream WDEL directly through the Echo or Echo Dot.

“It’s part of our ongoing philosophy to be able to give our users, our listeners, our web viewers the ability to get that great news and talk content however, wherever, and whenever they choose to get it, and this is just one more way to do that,” Weidel said.

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The Amazon Echo is so popular this holiday season, it’s sold out until mid-January.

Weidel hopes to soon be able to offer more content like podcasts through the device and expand the the same service to Google Home as well.

“WDEL is everywhere,” he said.