Watch Dad Prank Son With Tesla Model S Summon: Hell, We’d Be Scared Too! [Video]

Tesla Model S

For better or for worse, autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars are rapidly changing our future.

The technology could take away much of the stress people experience while commuting, lead to less congestion, and possibly have fewer accidents on the road.

Another benefit of self-driving cars, however, is playing some awesome pranks on your kids. One father did just that to his son by using Tesla’s Summon feature of the electric car.

In a video posted on YouTube on May 17 by Tesla Motor Fans, the poor boy innocently sits in the Tesla Model S. He can be seen using his phone while waiting for his dad to get behind the wheel and drive off, when the vehicle suddenly comes to life and starts to move forward.

“No, no, no, no. Stop, stop,” the boy says as he begins to panic. “Dad, the car is moving!”

“Dad’s gonna kill me,” he says nervously.

The car stops a few seconds later and the boy’s father opens the vehicle door laughing, while a woman – perhaps the kid’s mom – can be heard saying, “Gotcha!” in the background at the end of the video.

In January, Tesla released version 7.1 of its software for Model S and X. The update came with the Summon mode, a feature that allows the car to exit and entire a parking space by itself, according to Mashable.

Drivers can use their key fob to enable the Summon feature on the Tesla, which switches to enter or exit mode for parking garages and perpendicular parking spaces. Similarly, the Model S can also be summoned using your Apple Watch as well as Amazon’s Alexa, as can be seen in a previous video of the digital assistant doing so.

The Tesla dad prank, which was filmed with a GoPro, has been viewed more than 100,000 times since it was first posted on YouTube.

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