Video on Building Alexa Skills from Scratch – Certification Tips and Best Practices [Episode 9]

Amazon Echo has features that enable you to design your own Alexa skills and apps to work on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. In this Amazon Alexa developer tutorial you will learn how to launch an Amazon Alexa skill. Once you build your Alexa skill, the next step is to publish your Alexa skill and make it viewable to the public for use on any Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. Aaron Holdsworth from the Alexa certification team shares tips for publishing your Alexa skill. He shares, what is the difference between the public name and the invocation name? What is shown in the search results and what are best practices to ensure that your skill is discoverable via search on Amazon Alexa? What needs to be added to the description of your Amazon Alexa skill? What are the biggest mistakes to avoid to ensure your skill will open, start, launch, with the correct sample utterances.

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