Video Gatebox Offers Anime Version Of Her Holographic Companion For Lonely Individuals

Video: Gatebox Offers Anime Version Of ‘Her,’ Holographic Companion For Lonely Individuals

Monday, December 19, 2016 9:45 AM UTC

Since the concept of artificial intelligence and service robots was born, popular media have often portrayed potential robotic or holographic companions as things that their users can develop bonds or relationships with. Take the movie “Her,” for example, where the app voiced by Scarlett Johansson became the obsession of its owner. Now, Japan has produced its own version of that concept and it seems to be targeting the same demographic as its fictional, American counterpart.

Gatebox is made by a company called Vinclu, which has a reputation for being a maker and supporter of hobbies that many might consider odd One of the videos featuring the product showcases a typical Japanese salaryman who most likely exemplifies that kind of customers that the holographic companion might be geared towards.

In the video, the machine’s avatar is a cutesy anime-type girl who dotes on her master. She wakes him up in the morning with a cheerful greeting, keeps in touch with him all day much like a lover would, and makes his return home a heartwarming affair. Basically, it’s the dream of a typical Otaku, which numbers in the millions worldwide.

Right now, the product is available for pre-order and is priced at roughly $2,700. It would also appear that for the short-term, Japanese and American audiences are the target by the company, TechXplore reports.

The product is designed to work much like how Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home can control the home’s Internet of Things environment, as well. It can turn on lights, music system, home security, and so on. So apart from being a constant companion for the owner, it can also double as a housekeeper.

Vinclu is apparently working on other character models aside from the one showcased in the video, which seems to be the submissive sort. With Otakus often favoring different personality traits with regards to their ideal females, this is only expected.

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