UAE's HomeIQ launches smart garden irrigation system that saves up to 60% of water launched in …

18 December 2016

Dubai – HomeIQ, the UAE-based intelligent home company today announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind smart irrigation system that helps conserve water and cuts garden watering bills by up to 60%, while keeping lawns lush and green.

The US made system uses a combination of wireless smart soil moisture sensors, weather data and information on types of plants to determine the optimal times and duration for watering, and schedule them automatically.

The system, which replaces existing conventional timer-based controllers, is made up of a central outdoor controller, smart moisture sensors, an indoor smart hub that connects to a home’s Wi-Fi network and can be controlled remotely through a smartphone App.


Installation of the controller is an easy process as it uses wiring of existing timer-based controllers. Automatic scheduling can be enabled by selecting one of the system’s pre-set modes.

Managing partner Omar Saudi said “Watering gardens using traditional timer based controllers has until now been a guessing game that entailed wasting water and money, especially if one considers that on average irrigation constitutes 50-70% of a villa’s total water consumption. There are many factors to consider such as soil moisture level, temperature, humidity that a pre-set schedule does not account for.

The new self-programming irrigation system turns garden irrigation into a science. It can save up to 60% of water usage by customizing your garden’s watering schedule to fit its needs. So it only waters your garden when you need it, and skips the water when you don’t”

The system can support up to 16 different irrigation zones linked to flow meters or solenoids making it suitable for all garden sizes.  Each irrigation zone can have its unique settings, allowing it to be comprehensively controlled depending on the specific type of plants in that zone.

The system is priced at AED 1,495 and is available through HomeIQ’s e-commerce platform where customers can order online and have the system delivered free of charge.  A professional installation option is also available, which customers can simply add at the time of the order.

Mr. Saudi added “Our focus at HomeIQ has always been on leveraging the new generation of affordable, easy to install connected home technologies to provide tangible benefits and cost savings to all types of households. The launch of the new irrigation system extends the boundaries of the smart home solutions and reiterates our commitment to providing customers with innovative products that solve real consumer issues”


About HomeIQ

HomeIQ is a division of Felwood International FZCO, a leading International service supplier of telecom equipment, systems and services established in 1999. 

HomeIQ was launched with a mission to bring the tangible benefits and cost savings of new generation smart home systems to the mass market by providing a unique platform that offers affordable, easy to install, intuitive systems backed up by professional technical support

For further information, please contact:

Omar Saudi- Managing Partner HomeIQ

Mobile: + 971 50 5522164


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