The New Hero Of The Smart Home

The connected home is on the rise, with nearly 30 million households in the US projected to add more smart home technology over the next year. And whilst the US is leading the way in smart home adoption, the UK market is also growing and is expected to increase more than sevenfold between 2015 and 2020.

People today are constantly searching for peace of mind when it comes to staying on top of household maintenance. And, as of late, the advent of smart home technology has provided us with the ability to remotely complete what have traditionally been tedious or time consuming tasks that required the homeowner or maintenance professional to be physically on location. Today’s world of IoT and Smart Home technology means that tasks like checking up on your home to turning on lights, unlocking front doors or adjusting the thermostat can all be completed via apps on your connected mobile device. Smart home gadgets have brought an array of possibilities to make our lives more comfortable and convenient, so it’s no wonder we will be seeing a continued rise in the use of the technology.

But as enticing as these gadgets are, most of us don’t have the right networking in place to keep up with the increasing number of connected devices throughout our homes. We won’t be able to experience the many benefits smart home gadgets provide if our home WiFi networks are overloaded.

With smart gadgets being used from the bottom of the basement to the end of the garden, it’s key to have an appropriate networking infrastructure in place to reach those places a normal router won’t.

Luckily for us, new technologies are now available which can finally end home networking woes. Tri-band WiFi systems with a mesh network for example, enable high-speed WiFi to be accessible throughout your home and property, eliminating all dead zones and to keep speeds blazing fast, no matter how many devices in your home are actively online at the same time. Whether you’re trying to stream your favourite movie downstairs while the kids are playing their latest online games, or uploading family home videos to the cloud to share with relatives, Tri-band WiFi ensures the whole family can make the most of the internet without buffering or slowing speeds. If you begin to adopt these new technologies, you’ll be able to embrace all the benefits a smart home has to offer by ensuring the growing number of smart gadgets and connected devices within your home will continue to work from the depths of the basement to the top of the treehouse or at the edge of the garden.