The dangers of emerging threats

BullGuard CEO Paul Lipman discusses the evolution of cyber-security and the vital resources that help us stay one step ahead of the hackers.

We’re living in an extremely exciting time where technology is evolving rapidly in front of our eyes, but we know that new opportunities for consumers can also present new opportunities for hackers and cybercriminals. What’s happening right now with connected devices and the Internet of Things is a very current and real example. 

Historically, we know that hackers prefer to target volume and the largest potential opportunity to profit. It’s the main reason why in the past we’ve seen PCs and the Android operating system more widely attacked than Apple devices. By 2020, experts predict there will be 50 billion connected devices in the world – much higher than any existing smartphone or computer platform. That’s where the cybercriminals will turn their attention next, and for us it’s the key focus for evolving our own security.


To do this, and to fulfil our promise to our customers – ’we keep you safe, and we keep it simple’ – the most important thing is to stay one step ahead. 

First of all, we listen to these customers, learn from them and try to understand what problems they are facing and how we can help. Our channel relationships are so vital for us because they help us to gain a strong understanding of their customers’ needs and how their products are changing and evolving. 

It’s a particularly important resource in today’s emerging market of connected devices, and we’ve seen a tremendous uptake in these IoT products, from smart surveillance cameras to door locks and lighting. Since a lot of our channel partners sell these sorts of devices we can gather strong indicators on new trends, but also concerns surrounding security. 

Being able to use all of this information effectively is what helps to prepare for new and evolving threats. It seems clear that a great deal of these will centre on IoT, and we’re already positioned as a thought leader in this exciting new segment of the consumer security market. 

Our own research shows that 72 per cent of consumers don’t know how to secure their connected devices, and 66 per cent are very worried about their security. 

As a result, we launched the world’s first IoT Scanner for consumers, along with a detailed guide explaining the ins and outs of connected devices, and how to take the first steps toward securing them. We’ve also acquired Dojo Labs – pioneers in IoT connected home security, and are working closely with their experienced and knowledgeable cyber-security team on a product we’ll be revealing and releasing over the coming months. 

All of this came about not just from our own experience and research, but due to our close relationships with our customers and channel partners, who are and always have been a vital part of our team.

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