Sonos Speakers Can Now Be Controlled Using Spotify


Almost a month after a public beta which began in November, Spotify and manufacturer of smart speakers Sonos are finally releasing an update which gives users direct control of all Sonos speakers via the Spotify app.

Controlling Sonos Speakers With Spotify

The update fundamentally turns any Sonos speakers into an eligible Spotify Connect speaker, with Sonos’ multi-room functionality thrown into the mix.

The new feature was originally announced back in August, allowing users to control the music playing on Sonos speakers directly from Spotify, provided that both devices are connected in the same network. With Spotify now integrated into Sonos, using the Sonos controller app is no longer necessary when it comes to controlling music.

The feature makes it easier for Spotify subscribers to transport their audio to connected Sonos wireless speakers in proximity, with control options consolidated into the Spotify app entirely.

The feature is now available for both mobile and desktop versions of Spotify. However, Premium Spotify subscribers are the only ones who can take advantage of it.

Jumping From One Sonos Speakers To Another

It’ll also be easier for owners of multiple Sonos devices to jump from one set of speakers to the next, even when these speakers sit in separate rooms. Each connected Sonos device will show up on Spotify, and users can easily pick the speakers they prefer to throw their music wirelessly onto.

Opening its devices for Spotify integration paints Sonos as all geared up for third-party support, albeit slowly. Sonos previously added support for Google Play Music and announced support for Pandora in the future.

Sonos also recently announced a forthcoming voice control feature thanks to a “long-term strategic partnership” with Amazon and Alexa, its proprietary voice-enabled assistant, onto Sonos which is due sometime in 2017. Once fully integrated, users can bark orders to control their music. Pause, skip, increase or decrease volume are just some of the possible commands users can order Sonos to do, without even lifting a single finger.

There’s no telling whether the integration will also cross over to free Spotify users, but the prospect seems unlikely. Possibly, the Sonos and Spotify integration could be billed as another incentive for those willing to jump on the premium subscription tier.

Owners of Sonos are the obvious target demo here, so have you tried controlling the speakers via Spotify? How’s the integration sounding so far? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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