Smart Gift Ideas For the Smart Home

Christmas Bling

Its that time of the year again…  If society requires us to shell out our hard earned bucks to buy gifts for someone else, the least we can do is make sure what we’re buying isn’t utter crap.  So here we are with some smart ideas for the Smart Home enthusiast on your shopping list.

1Amazon Echo

Put simply: the Amazon Echo’s usefulness cannot be understated.  It’s a voice activated web portal for the home.  It’s a streaming media player.  It’s a Smart Home Hub.  A no-brainer for anyone on your list.  Smart Home or not.

2Smart Lights

Number two on our list makes the cut because it’s the easiest way to upgrade a drab medieval hut into a Jetson’s-esque home of the future.  Nothing exudes the Tony Stark, futurist vibe more than lights that can dim, brighten or change color automatically (or on demand), and the Phillips Hue Starter Kit is the perfect way to upgrade your current home.

3Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is an ideal upgrade, even for people who aren’t looking for Smart Home devices.  Heating and cooling costs make up half your electricity bill.  By maximizing effiency, the Nest Learning Thermostat could pay for itself before the next Christmas rolls around.

4Ring Wi-Fi Doorbell

The Ring Wi-Fi Doorbell deserves a spot on any Smart Home’s short list.  The reason is two fold.  Not only does it call you and allow you to view who’s there from your cell phone, it can serve double duty as a security camera with Ring’s cloud storage.

5Automatic Connected Car Adapter

For many of us, our car is our favorite gadget and Automatic’s Connected Car Adapter can help you to unlock it’s potential.  It plugs right into your car’s data port and gives your real time data along with the ability to review your trips offline.  Additionally, it will call 911 if it detects an accident.  All of these along with the potential for hundreds in fuel savings, the Connected Car Adapter makes a great gift for anyone, really.

6WeMo Insight Switch

The WeMo Insight Switch working in conjunction with Alexa allows us to potentially turn any “dumb” appliance into a “smart” one.  The obvious applications are with lamps, or fans, but any “always-on” device could be upgraded with one of these.  Using one of these in conjunction with your water heater could save hundreds of dollars.  Plus, WeMo is fully compatible with Alexa, allowing you to use Alexa’s advanced IFTT features to customize your appliances.

7August Smart Lock

A smart lock is another one of those flashy home improvements that can kick your Tony Stark game into overdrive.  The August Smart Lock provides several benefits in addition to keyless entry.  It has an “Everlock” feature that automatically keeps the door locked and has advanced logging features so that you always know who (and when) was in your house.  Additionally, by allowing you to grant or revoke access wirelessly, gone are the days of asking your ex for the keys back.  That alone would be worth the $200 August’s Smart Lock will set you back.