Smart Devices that Don't Need Permanent Installation, Perfect for Any Renter

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Technology today has improved our lives to the fullest. It increased efficiency and ease in going about our everyday routines and productivity ensues. With this, many are advancing products as if giving them their own brains. Smart technology has been around for a while but only recently has it boomed in the market. Living small doesn’t mean living less. When renting, people tend to limit themselves in using high-end technology because the installation process is quite complicated and revisions of the place must be at a minimum because you don’t own it. Today, it doesn’t have to like that. Here, an experiment was initiated to create a Smart Home.

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Creating an eco-friendly Smart Home is quite challenging because not all smart appliances fit together. When you say Smart technology, it pertains to a device able to connect to the internet and functions as programmed when hit with the button. You can try to think of any device with a smart function and either it is already sold in the market or a kickstarter company is on top of it. Here are three smart-home devices that are perfect for apartment dwellers, because they can easily fit in a moving van. First up is SleepNumber It Bed. This bed is loaded with sensors and syncs with an activity tracker that you wear on your wrist monitoring your breathing, movement and heart rate thereby automatically adjusting the settings to increase your level of comfort.

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Underneath, it has an air mattress wherein you can adjust the firmness. This can be controlled with a partner app for the phone which serves as a controller, a tracker and recorder for how well you slept, and a reminder that reminds you to get ready for sleep at a reasonable time. You can also sync the app with Fitbit, wherein it also syncs data from that and fives personal recommendations according to the data gathered. The app doesn’t come in at 100% accuracy but it serves its purpose. Another Smart invention is the Smart Herb Garden. In renting apartments, the freshest produce you can get is from a country fair. Not anymore. This invention lets you grow herbs right on your kitchen window. It is an easy way to grow herbs and other plants.

The Garden comes with three basil capsules, so you can start growing right away. Almost everything needed to start sprouting is contained within the capsule, so you just add water and plug the garden in. The package is synced with a mobile app where it sends reminders when it’s time to water (usually every two weeks). Buds will eventually start to sprout and harvest time will be around 3 months after. The device is programmed to have a light cycle of 16 hours on, 8 hours off. You have to plan carefully when you plug it in because the light its LED bulbs emit is quite bright.

Lastly, being in an apartment or studio along can be quite lonesome. Most have companions in a form of a pet. Here, the Petnet Smartfeeder will be a lot of help. It’s an automatic feeder that also has an app that gives you a bit of insight into what’s going on with your furry housemate. The app allows the user to schedule feeding time for your little fur ball. The downside to this device however is that it constantly needs to be plugged in and the accuracy is faulty. It won’t be wise to depend on your pet’s food cycle to this device although this can come in handy when you need to be out for a day or two.