Save money on insurance with Smart Home tech


If you’re looking for a financial justification for getting smart home devices, Travelers Insurance just provided one. The company announced recently that customers who own qualifying devices can get a discount on their home insurance policy.

The move makes sense, considering that some devices that are part of a smart home solution can actually help mitigate or even prevent tragedies. For example, a smart smoke detector will push an alert to the homeowner’s smartphone, alerting them to the possibility of a fire so they can take action immediately.

Under the Travelers Protective Device discount, which is available to consumers everywhere in the United States, only some devices qualify. While customers will need to speak with their agent to get specific details on exactly which ones, a list that might change on a regular basis, for now the focus is on smart smoke detectors and some home security devices. Both would help homeowners know when a potential threat puts their possessions at risk, giving them time to call for help before it’s too late.

It’s even conceivable that these devices could save a life, or prevent serious physical injury. If a homeowner is away but others are at home when the alert is pushed out, the technology could be invaluable. At the moment, how local police departments respond to triggered home alarm systems varies widely between municipalities. Some refuse to go by the house until the homeowner or the security service sees for sure if it’s a false alarm. With smart devices, that can be done remotely in a moment or two, speeding up a necessary police response by quite a bit.

Apparently Travelers has been weighing this decision for some time. The company actually has partnered with CNET as the official insurance sponsor of the publication’s Smart Home, which is located in Louisville, Kentucky. The house acts as a real-world test facility for smart home devices, allowing people to observe how they actually perform in the hands of consumers and in everyday situations.

At the famous Travelers Claim University facility, the company is also using a variety of smart home devices. This serves a dual purpose, allowing for further study of different technologies and how they help prevent or minimize insurance claims. It also allows the insurance claims staff to learn about the innovations so they’re better trained for real situations with customers.