Product Review and Buyer’s Guide: Stack LED Smart Light Bulbs

We’ve seen smart bulbs that play music and change colors. Now there’s one that senses a room. This is our product review and buyer’s guide for the Stack smart LED bulbs.

The Stack bulbs have built in sensors that not only detect motion but also ambiance. The lights automatically adjust color temperature and brightness based on the time of day and natural light in a room.


The bulbs are controlled through a hub and mobile app. Once they’re connected with the hub, the app has five different light modes to which the bulbs can be set. How long they’re on, brightness and color temperature can also be manually controlled from here.

The app’s controls are sensitive, and it takes a while for the lights to respond. But, the lights are supposed to work without constant adjusting in the app. They can be integrated with the Nest Thermostat as well as Amazon’s Alexa.

The bulbs are reportedly easy to use and the sensors are very accurate. The Downlight starter kit is $99 and comes with two BR30 bulbs and the hub. Each additional bulb is $45. The A-shaped Classic starter kit can be pre-ordered for $89 with additional bulbs costing $28.

I would hold off on the Downlight for the time being. It’s not a bad bulb, but the new version is just around the corner. The Stack Classic LED starts shipping in September. Stack says the Classic will be more accurate because the bulb detects motion based on disturbances in radio frequencies.


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