Philips Hue Preparing for Mass Market

Dutch electronics giant Philips line of Hue Smart lightbulbs have been on the market for a couple years, but for Philips these years were considered an initial test in the marketplace. Now, the company is ready to roll the product out to a much wider audience with an increased marketing campaign and distribution plan.

An animated image showing some of the colors Hue can display
Credit: The Wire Cutter

Hue has two key features which distinguish it from other smart bulbs. The first is that it can change to any color of the rainbow. That provides a unique opportunity to change the mood or appearance of a room. Depending on whether you want a mellow mood, an exciting mood or just a regular daytime experience, you can choose the color that best fits the time.

Secondly, the color choice is completely manageable through a smartphone interface. Customers can turn the lights on or off, as well as change the color from anywhere as long as their phone has internet connectivity. The smartphone becomes a remote controller for the lighting system with an easy to use panel that anyone can use to instantly change the look and feel of their living space.

Now that the product has been perfected and achieved some marketplace feedback, Philips is ready to roll it out to a greater audience. The firm has discounted the bulbs substantially and is hoping to sell many on Amazon Prime Day. Additionally, it is investing heavily in marketing and distribution to grow its network.

An image of Philips Hue app screens
Credit: The Wire Cutter

As the bulbs are installed in more homes, Philips will have more data on how consumers use the devices. They plan on upgrading features and providing regular software updates to existing users. Next generation bulb buyers will also see the impacts of the increased data by the new hardware features.