Pebble to integrate Amazon Alexa into its Core clip-on fitness tracker

On Thursday, smartwatch manufacturer Pebble disclosed in an announcement made via a blog post that it will be integrating Amazon Alexa into its forthcoming new wearable device called the Pebble Core. Alexa is Amazon’s voice assistant artificial intelligence (AI) which powers devices like Amazon Echo.

The Pebble Core wearable device is basically a clip-on fitness tracker which is likely to start shipping in ‘early 2017,’ priced at $69. The Core is one of Pebble’s new series of wearable devices which the company had announced a few weeks back; and are now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

The disclosure by Pebble that the Core fitness tracker will ship with Amazon’s Alexa technology on board implies that the functions and capabilities of Alexa will be available to the users of the small wearable device, which will otherwise have simplistic design and features.

The integration of Alexa into the Pebble Core fitness trackers will give the users of the device the ability to give out voice commands for controlling songs, searching for artists and playlists from the likes of Amazon Prime Music, iHeartRadio, and other things.

In addition, Alexa will also brief Pebble Core users on the news headlines, give them weather and traffic updates, review their Pebble Health summary, set timers, order pizzas, and control connected home devices.