Open-Source IoT Beacon Ruuvi Tag gets 300% crowdfunding in a single day

Credit: Ruuvi Tag |Kickstarter

Ruuvi Tag, a new open-source, bluetooth sensor beacon hit 300% funding in its first day on Kickstarter. The makers of Ruuvi Tag claim to have made one of the most advanced bluetooth sensors in the world. While specific applications for the Ruuvi Tag are somewhat limited right now, the creators and funders are banking on the promise the Ruuvi Tag and it’s open-source platform represents for device manufacturers and makers.

We managed to create one of the most advanced Bluetooth sensor products in the world.

When paired with other existing and emerging technologies such as Bluetooth 5, Eddystone and iBeacon, Arduino, Android Nearby, and many others, developers, makers, and IoT device manufacturers will be able to cost-effectively integrate the physical web into a plethora of Internet of Things devices for purposes and functions we’ve yet to comprehend. With an astounding 500m claimed range, the Ruuvi Tag is sure to set the stage for an entire realm of new uses and devices.

Head on over to the Kickstarter page for more information, and get your hands on the first run of Ruuvi Tags due out in October.