New Wi-Fi Dishwasher Automatically Orders Detergent

And also it can probably be hacked!

GE has a new addition to the fabled Internet of Things: a dishwasher that can order itself more detergent. It’s actually pretty clever. Never run out of soap again! Then again it also just adds to the list of things that can go wrong in your kitchen.

The new feature was released earlier this year amidst several partnerships Amazon has announced to promote its Dash Replenishment services, which automatically reorder items when they are low. Other products using Dash Replenishment include printers that can buy themselves more ink and blood glucose monitors that can buy testing strips and lancets. Now GE has decided to get in on the trend by equipping its dishwashers with Wi-Fi.

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Of course a dishwasher is also just one more thing to bog down your home network, have trouble connect, or need a firmware update. Twitter accounts have popped up to describe the various frustrations users have felt with their newly connected devices. And with Internet of Things hacking already two years old, the last worry you might need is wondering if your dishwasher might just start ordering all the detergent you could ever need and more, as a prank. In the future, anything is possible.

Source: TechCrunch

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