New Alexa Skills: Anne of Green Gables, TED Talks, Golf, and Meows

A photo of Rachel McAdams recording the Anne of Green Gables audio book.

World Book Day is just a couple of weeks away. To celebrate, Audible invites you to enjoy two timeless classics for free on any Echo device during the month of April. Start your literary journey by listening to actress Rachel McAdams perform Anne of Green Gables—or dive into the The Secret Garden for a heartwarming story about the magic of family. Just ask:

Alexa, read Anne of Green Gables.

Alexa, read The Secret Garden.

Looking to add some magic to your reading list? 7 of the top 10 books Alexa customers listened to on Audible are from the Harry Potter series. Check out which Harry Potter titles are getting the most love in 2017:

Stack of Harry Potter books in order of most listened to by Alexa customers.

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Ted Talks image. Man and camel sarcastically looking at each other on stage.Have you met TED?

Become a master of body language. Contemplate the place of creativity in schools. Listen to a model discuss the role image plays in how we are perceived. Do it all over your morning coffee, you champ.

To start using the TED Talks skill say, “Alexa, open TED Talks.” Then just ask:

Alexa, ask TED Talks for a talk about music.

Alexa, ask TED Talks to play the latest talk.

Golfer making a putt on a putting green.
Putt’s going on?

Just in time for the Masters, golf fans can now track PGA tournament leaderboards, schedules, and results. Just ask:

Alexa, who is leading the Masters?

Alexa, when is the U.S. Open?

Here and meow

National Pet Day is on April 11—it’s time to show some extra appreciation for the grumpy cat or eager pup in your life. You can celebrate your favorite ball of fur, feathers, or scales with Alexa. Just ask:

Alexa, Happy National Pet Day.

Alexa, play ‘Mean Eyed Cat.’

Alexa, order a laser pointer.