Microsoft's Home Hub for Windows 10 to Make Cortana Rival Amazon Echo and Google Home …

Photo Credit: Windows Central

Last month, Google started shipping its Google Home smart speaker, which is direct rival to Amazon’s Echo speaker, and allows users to perform various tasks using just their voice commands. A recent report by Bloomberg has also claimed that Apple is working on a similar device that has already entered testing phase. Following the lead of other giants, Microsoft seems to have developed its own answer to Amazon’s smart speakers.

Microsoft is expected to introduce a “Home Hub” feature to Windows 10 that will allow users to perform various functions using voice-commands like Echo but with added benefit of a screen, reports Windows Central. Instead of bringing out a hardware device, the Redmond-based company has decided to give the functionality of the smart speakers to PCs, 2-in-1s, all-in-ones, and tablets through a software feature.

This feature would translate into a shared desktop for the users that doesn’t require any login but still provides them with “family data, including apps, documents, bookmarks and more that has been shared with a family,” the report said. Apart from the shared calendars, users will be able to check their private events after authentication through Windows Hello.