Microsoft To Compete With Amazon Echo And Google Home With New Feature 'Home Hub' [VIDEO]

Microsoft is working on a feature called ‘Home Hub’ in which Cortana will be always listening. Whole family can access the shared information through this feature.

Microsoft Cortana (Photo : Getty Images/Ian Gavan)


Microsoft is building the new feature called ‘Home Hub’ for Windows 10 to compete with Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that “the feature is currently in the planning stages, and the software maker is expected to introduce a ‘HomeHub’ in updates due in 2017 and 2018, and not the upcoming Creators Update.”

Windows Central says that “‘Home Hub’ is a Windows 10 feature designed to make your PC the center of your home, by making shared PCs more communal and bringing the connected home to Windows.”

It is very clear that ‘Home Hub’ is not a device that is designed like Amazon Echo or Google Home but it is a software. A software which will run in Windows 10 devices like PCs, All-in-Ones, 2-in-1’s, and laptops.

‘Home Hub’ can do everything that Amazon Echo and Google Home can but the main advantage is a screen. Both Amazon Echo and Google Home do not have screen currently. With a screen, a user can better interact and it is also beneficial to a user can also watch videos, scores, results, statistics and more.

‘Home Hub’ will run in Lock Screen so it is accessible by every member of a family. Although the device is locked, Cortana is always listening and waiting for user’s command.

This software will create a family environment for a PC. Windows currently allows different users to access different data on PC, but now there will be a common family account or a guest account which is accessible by every user.

Cortana will manage personal information as well as shared information. It is also referred internally as ‘FamTana’ (Family Cortana) as it controls the family data. Cortana’s ability to serve more than one user makes it one step ahead than Google Home.