LG Refridgerator works with Echo and Alexa to Make Life Simpler

This year’s consumer electronics show set a lofty bar for companies attempting to enter their gadgets into the smart home niche. More brands are rolling out appliances and devices which sync with Alexa to help make consumer’s lives that much easier. Playing music or turning off a light with a simple command is not all the virtual home accomplishes. Big tech companies such as LG and GE released the newest version of their appliances compatible with Alexa, aiming their products at households that could use a little assistance.

The new and improved LG Smart Instaview refrigerator features voice control and remote viewing capabilities provided by Amazon’s Alexa and powered by WebOS smart platform. Exactly how did LG harness this new technology and what it provides consumers was one of the most talked about advancements at this years show.

What can the Instaview refrigerator accomplish with Alexa?A company marketing photo of the LG InstaView Refridgerator

  • The 29-inch touch LCD display, which turns transparent at two knocks to the screen, allows users to see inside the refrigerator without opening the door.
  • Alexa’s voice activated service allows users access to an assistant that may search for recipes, play music, place Prime orders from Amazon.com including groceries, add items to shopping lists.
  • Coupling the duo together allow Alexa to offer over 6,000 skills to users. A few being; controlling one’s smart home, request car service, check the weather and set timers.
  • Users may add food specific tags to the items, so that when they expire or run out one is notified.

The Instaview refrigerator from past years is overhauled to provide services which enhance consumers lives via the busiest room in the house, the kitchen.

How does the new Instaview fridge’s WebOS work with Alexa?

  • The experience one has with their Amazon Echo is identical to using the WebOS technology on the fridge. Simply talking to your fridge in the same manner you speak with Alexa provides users with all the above benefits.
  • WebOS previously belonged to HP, now providing all of LG with its smart device operating systems.
  • What was once only available for LG TV’s with WebOS now belongs to the refrigerator. Syncing one’s LG appliances to Amazon echo is just as simple.

The Instaview refrigerator is available now, and has a matching washer/dryer and vacuum coming this year. The domestic chores once huffed at are now simplified and engaging.