The Latest in Smart Locks from CES 2018

This year at CES it was all about being smart and being compatible. The new smart hubs and appliances are more functional and easier to control, making the smart home of the future more efficient and attainable. With all of the automation and the many features of the Samsung Family Hub Fridge or the Kohler Konnect bathroom, you might just overlook some of the most important new smart technology advancements. Smart locks are keeping you and your family safe, and your deliveries as well.

August Access

With so many people getting their household needs delivered, and everything else as well, Amazon had proposed a Key service to allow delivery drivers temporary smart lock control allowing them to enter your home to leave your delivery. This was met with serious opposition because of the safety and privacy complications. Now you don’t need to give the driver your key code, August Access gives drivers a one-time temporary code to use. This may not stop a dishonest delivery driver from going through your things, but it can notify you that the code has been used and give you an idea of how long the delivery took. This smart lock is available now and is compatible with many smart home brands including Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and Google Assistant.

Nest X Yale Lock

Yale is a familiar name in the door lock industry and Nest is pretty well known in the smart appliance market as well. The two companies have come together for this smart lock, which can store 250 different codes. Every person who comes through the door can have their own code, allowing you to discover who entered and when. The great thing about this lock is that the codes can also be set for timed entries. So if a delivery is coming you can get the driver a code and tell the system to only allow this code to work between these times. This could also be a good idea for babysitters or service workers such as maids. This smart lock will be available by spring.

Kwikset Kevo

Another big lock maker, Kwikset, wants to make it easier for you to get inside. Whether it is raining or your hands are full Kevo can easily be communicated to via your smartphone. This lock is compatible with Android Wear, Amazon Alexa and devices from many other manufacturers as well. Kwikset Kevo is not yet on the market however it will be available later this year.

Whether you want easier access or more protection there is a smart lock to fit your smart home’s needs. Other smart lock models were shown by Brinks, their Array adds outdoor lights and security cameras for your protection, and Schlage Sense, which can have 30 codes and is compatible¬†with Alexa and Home Kit.

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