Inspire Your Creative side with Klio Digital Art Frame


Are you a digital art enthusiast who appreciates creativity being tweaked by technology? In that case, consider getting a Klio frame for you house and office and enjoy the mesmerizing art produced by best of the artists around the world.

Klio is the brainchild of that has been an abode to thousands of art lovers and artists worldwide for years. With Klio in your proximity you will never amiss presence of a picturesque art performance customized to match your taste and preference inspiring the creative you.


  • Klio frame is available in different styles and sizes ranging from 41 x 26 x 3 (inches) to 47 x 31 x 3 (inches).
  • Frames are handcrafted with three different finishes that are Modern Black, Shine Series – Gold, Realm – Wood. Each of the styles is captivating and super engaging. You can pick the finish that will enhance your home/office décor the most.
  • Intuitive User Interface awarding a seamless experience to users.
  • Ultra High Definition (UHD) aka 4K technology that provides you with visuals of the highest quality.
  • Kilo can be controlled by remotely via your mobile device or else a wireless remote. Klio iOS app is one of the best ways to browse through various art pieces and save what you love.
  • Klio can readily work on most of the wi-fi home setups, except those that require login through a web browser or else those wi-fi connections that are defined as an enterprise network.
  • Installing the Klio frame is easy. All you need is an electric outlet and a wifi connection. Hanging hardware is included with the frame.
  • Klio is very energy efficient. It uses an estimated 136kWh of electricity in a year when used for 5 hrs a day.

Various forms of Digital Art accessible via Klio

Klio promises to bring ever new genres of art to satiate the creative pangs of art lovers. Here they are:

  • Video Art: All forms of video up to 4K is supported.
  • Classic Art: Still images are supported. A tribute to the conventional form of art.klio_home-screen-4700x3135
  • Cinemagraphs: A collection of still photographs in which a small yet recurring movement occurs, creating a video clip.
  • Chrono Art – A narrative combining still images and video clips spanning a longer period that could be 24 hrs or even 365 days.
  • Clock Art: Art that exhibits the actual time. There is an underlying clock mechanism that matches the art with the exact hour and minute of the moment.
  • Morph Art: Still pictures abruptly move and come to live to leave you awed.
  • Creative Coding: CSS/Javascript apps that can create beautiful images. No actual coding involved.


Klio is available at attractive price ranges:

  • Klio Muse – $999
  • Klio Stylist – $1299
  • Klio Rival – $1499

What Else?

You get 300+ contemporary pieces of art along with your Klio frame to browse from that are created by some of the best artists world over. Besides, Klio keeps this supply ever evolving with newer masterpieces added now and then.

Moreover, you can also name your device and upload your pictures in the Klio frame as well.

Nonetheless, Klio is in the way of publishing their limited art edition that will be available to a few discerning patron only.