KIRO 7 Flash Briefings now on Amazon's Alexa


Thousands of people around Washington State can now say “what’s the news” out loud and hear a 2-minute update from KIRO 7 Anchors.

KIRO 7 is now on Alexa, the cloud-powered woman’s voice that’s the brains behind the Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, and Fire TV.

Our anchors will update Alexa over the course of the day and you can hear weather and the day’s top local stories from the “flash briefing.”

KIRO 7 is the only station in the Pacific Northwest working with “flash briefings” on Alexa.

If you have an Echo, here’s what you do:

·         Open the Alexa App

·         Tap Settings on the left navigation bar

·         Select the Amazon Flash Briefing and enable KIRO 7

–         You may want to turn off other Flash Briefings if you’d like to hear KIRO 7 first

–         After you turn on KIRO 7, ask Alexa, “What’s the news?” If you want to skip through you flash briefings, just             say “Alexa, Next One” 

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