Intel & Amazon Enter Partnership To Develop Smart Home Tech

Intel and Amazon partner to advance smart home technology. Credit:Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

The two tech giants Intel and Amazon are creating a partnership to extend natural language capabilities and develop the Smart Home ecosystem.

Amazon & Intel Coming Together

According to PC Mag, from Nest Learning Thermostat and Amazon Echo to the August Smart Lock and Philips Hue light bulbs, there are already many gadgets on the smart home market. Now, Amazon and Intel are coming together to advance the smart home industry.

Intel outlined its vision for what the Smart Home can be today and in the near future. On Wednesday at Amazon Web Services re:Invent conference, in support of that strategic vision,  Intel joined Amazon to unveil two new technology initiatives.

The first tech initiative of the two companies is enabling Alexa Skills to control and coordinate remotely device actions on an Intel-based Smart Home Hub. The second technology initiative is intended to help hardware manufacturers to accelerate development of voice-enabled devices with the Alexa Voice Services and Intel platform, according to Intel’s News Room.

The two companies are working together on Amazon Alexa smart speaker reference designs based on Intel technology. At some point in the first quarter of 2017, developers and manufactures will have the possibility to check the designs.

Amazon’s Ted Karczewski wrote in a blog post that the two companies see this as a tremendous opportunity. Their partnership in the field of smart home technology will give the two tech giants the opportunity to bring the benefits of a personal voice experience to millions of new consumers. Amazon and Intel are collaborating to encourage device manufacturers and developers to use Amazon Alexa as a platform to extend natural voice interaction to more products.

By adding Alexa to its Smart Home Hub, Intel is making it easier for its customers to implement on their connected products some voice control features. Karczewski wrote that a truly smart home provides users with experiences that enrich daily life and ease the tasks of running a home. Customers have access to a more natural way to manage their daily tasks with voice as the central interface.

Those attending Amazon re:Invent can visit the Intel TINY Smart Home in order to check live some of these Intel-Alexa collaborations. The Amazon Developer blog is also a good source of information for more details on Intel and Alexa.

Another Amazon – Intel Initiative

Additionally, Amazon Web Services announced that Intel hardware and AWS Greengrass software are coming together in order to solve asset tracking problems. In the industrial IoT sector, Intel IoT solutions are highly appreciated based on the company’s exhaustive experience in the field.

Intel IoT is providing solutions with I/O for OT equipment and connectivity. Intel solutions can handle rugged conditions and survive extended temperatures. On the other side, AWS Greengrass software can take advantage of more powerful resources but it also supports a very low compute/memory/power profile. 

Intel Architecture can provide AWS Greengrass a scalable, robust platform for end-to-end consistent software and hardware connectivity. It can optimize and run on edge, cloud, or both. More details are provided by the AWS news release.

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